Customer Service: The customer service with Vmax, they just like Vibratrim will send a call tag and look at anything that is wrong with your machine if they can't fix it over the phone. Vmax is the Canadian distributor and Vibra-Trim is the USA distributor. Both machines come out of the same factory but have different specs.

The Vmax vibration machines are very reliable, especially their new higher wattage Vmax Pulser. The Pulser is super quiet for the power it has due to its weight. It is much heavier than the earlier generation Vmax Trio that was one of our best sellers before the Pulser came out.

The new Vmax Pulser (not the 500 watt one with the 300 watt spiral motor) now goes to 22 hertz. The older one with the 500 watt motor only goes to 14 hertz. The plate on the Vmax Pulser is one of the heaviest spiral plates. At 22 hertz, due to its heavy plate that generates momentum, feels like a much higher G force that it actually gives. My bowling ball example fits this perfectly. Every time the heavy plate pushes my feet up it feels much stronger than the super lightweight plates going at the same speed and same amplitude.

The base of the Vmax Pulser is 24 inches (the older generation had 22 inches) The skirt is much shorter than the older model too. 27 is the plate size but the actual standing room is 24 inches. The Hypervibe has nearly a 22 inch plate as a comparison and also has 11mm of displacement. 

The Vmax has a newer generation motor that is super quiet and can be used all day long in a clinic. It is more expensive than most of the other models that look similar but for the power it has, it is worth it if someone needs a jumbo size plate and the most powerful current spiral motor.
VMAX Fitness Reviews
The new Vmax Pulser now a 500 watt spiral motor while the Vibra-Trim VT500 has only a 300 watt spiral motor (40% more wattage). The Vibratrim VT500 has a 3 Horsepower motor while the Vmax Pulser has only a 2 Horsepower motor. Buying one or the other really depends on the reason someone is buying a whole body vibration machine. One is better for circulation and has a stronger vibration while the other you can stand on it longer and move more lymphatic wastes. Both will do the job but the power is in the different motors. The spiral motor when stronger gives more of that tingly sensation and many people with back problems or bad knees prefer a stronger spiral motor. The people looking to build bone density will want more G force on the pivotal.

Note: some people will want to break up the sessions for 4 to 5 sessions of 2 minutes per day while some people will want to do fewer longer session but move more teaspoons of lymph per minute (at 3 G force about 4 teaspoons of lymphatic drainage moves, based on all the research we have done studying the lymph system. This depends on the amplitude and displacement. The more time the body is in the air, those split seconds, gives the lymphatic vessels more time to create the flush. A negative pressure (hydraulic flush) is created when the plate moves the leg up and when it comes down the valves change their direction (opening and closing). When the one way valves open and close, the more times they do this the more fluid that can be pumped through BUT if there is not enough time to allow the juices to flow in and out, then it's a waste of time. This is why 5 to 6 hertz is always the best way we set it at when doing lymphatic drainage. The fat cells can release their toxins only at the right frequency which what I wrote above hopefully explains how it works.

VMAX Fitness vibration machines 

Warning - OLD VERSIONS selling at half the price
We just busted two companies for saying their model was 1000 watts when they were selling the older 500 watt motor over the internet. And guess what, they didn't even know it t

The Vmax Pulser now has 2 motors, 1100 watts and 500 watts. Beware, their are people selling the old version for the same price that has the 500 and 300 watt motor. I have a video that shows the older model. The new model is only sold by the manufacturer and they dropship for us. There are many stores that have the older version and put the specs of the new model on their site but rarely people realize that they are getting the older model. Just a word of caution.

The Vibratrim VS the Vmax Pulser. This is one of the decisions someone will have to make as most people discover both the Vmax Pulser and the VT500. They very different in feel. It boils down to what kind of feel you want, everyone always prefers on over the other. When we took both machines and stood out for several hours at my chiropractors office and we let people try both, there was no one that said they liked them both the same. I will say that the heavier people preferred one over the other. People with bad backs liked the feel of the same one each time also. It was very interesting. This is the type of feedback I use when recommending one over the other to people.

The Vibratrim VT500 had 3 Horsepower and the Pulser has 2 Horsepower but the Pulser has 1100 watts and the VT500 only 1000 watts. The VT500 on its spiral motor has 300 watts while the Pulser has 500 watts. It is much stronger on the spiral circular movement. They both go now to 22 hertz while before they only went to 14 hertz.

The G force on the Pulser is 13.5G an the Vibratrim has 17.4 Gs. (This is unloaded plate G force) If you want to see a machine that has plate loaded G force up to 17Gs review the Hypervibe).The Vmax Pulser holds 440 lbs and the VT500 only 400. There is more G force in the VT500 because it has a 3HP motor although the Pulser has 1100 watts, 100 watts higher than the VT500 and is 2 Horsepower.
The latest spirals vibration machines are whisper quiet and no longer have 500 watt pivotal motors and 300 watt spiral motors.

The plates are now larger and go up to 11 mm amplitude. The latest models are the Vibra-Trim VT500 and the Vmax Pulser which I compare in detail on this site.

There is a huge problem with both manufacturers trying to get me to push their product over the other brand. So, below, if figured out how to handle the problem.
Many people keep asking what is the spiral movement? When used by itself its a circular motion but when used in combonation with pivotal/oscillating motion, it becomes more of an elliptical motion. The spiral movement under the plate goes clockwise. (If you study the direction of spin of a healthy cell it spins to the right. This is probably the reason why most people feel better when getting a right spin back onto their cells. The spiral feeling is also very soothing.

The spiral motor also helps with the stabilizer muscles as when the spiral motion is moving at a different frequency than the pivotal, it forces the stabilizer muscles to react to keep our balance. The spiral motion is most popular for that that have circulation problems. This is what they say it was intended for. Before going on a lymphatic drainage session, using the spiral on a high setting creates the friction in the muscles to warm them up and move oxygenated blood flow to the cells. Once warm, this is when they say it's the best time to do a 10 minute lymphatic flush at the low settings.

The pivotal motion helps move the lymph fluid but the spiral helps with the circulation (vasodilation) and does not create the negative pressure in the one way lymphatic valves like standing at 11mm amplitude on a spiral machine.
I do not always recommend standing on this setting as 10mm amplitude is a much more comfortable stance for 99% of the people. Most people have to purposely stand with their feet all the way to the edge to get the true 11mm amplitude displacement.

The way many people can tell if they are benefiting from the right spin of the spiral motion is to check their body voltage before and after the session. Most people that are sickly and tired have a left spin on their blood. When the voltage of the body goes up, the spin spins more strongly to the right. Radio Shack sells volt meters for those that know how to use them. As you pinch the red wire and in the other hand the black wire, you want to measure the millivolt charge of the body. I also avoid machine with AC motors that produce EMF. I do everything in my power to keep the positive spin on my blood. If using a super high EMF blow dryer on your head, this is a quick way to measure the change in body voltage. Or just get an EMF tester to see how high the EMF is. If using a DC motor which not all vibration machines have, you don't have to worry about any of this.

Knee problems:
Many people have knee problems and can't stand on the machine. The only thing they can really stand on without pain is a spiral that the plate doesn't move them at all up or down or possibly a super low G force machine like the Zaaz Vibration which goes only up to 5.5 G forces on its highest level. Hypervibe goes to 17 G forces. The spirals can be too jarring so standing close to the center is usually what people with bad knees do.

Itchyness from standing or laying down and putting your legs on a spiral machine
The Forever fit 2 in1 still has the strongest spiral. 500 watts pushing a lighter plate. The newer Pulser and VT500 beat the Forever fit 2in1 on the pivotal with its longer plate but since the plate is so dense and heavy on the newer models, you sacrifice just a little bit of the power of the spiral motor. But, its whisper quiet compared to the Forever fit. It really just depends on what someone is using it for. If someone has circulation problems and cellulite they want to break up the blockages in, then the 10mm smaller plate is gonna  cause the itching that much quicker.

This itching comes from the blood vessels dilating and more circulation of blood and oxygen than the body can normally handle. It's kinda like sitting in a hot tub and you start to itch but it usually goes away in a few minutes afterwards. I need to say one thing. If you start to itch, it is the time to get off. Not stay on because you think its working.
This is our first review for the 1000 Watt, 3HP Vibratrim VT500. This is the same look as the Vmax Pulser that has 1100 watts but has only 2 Horsepower. They both have a different feel from the ones I have been on. Depending on the weight of the person one person will be happier with one over the other. But depending on the G force one wants and the lymphatic flush, one is stronger than the other but it really depends on one's weight. Horsepower VS wattage is the decision here.
Many people use the spiral vibration at the same time as their pivotal vibration because it feels good. The one way lymphatic valves need time to open and close. I do not recommend doing them both at the same time when trying to do lymphatic flushing. They are good at the same time but just not for lymphatic cleansing.
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