Founder’s Story

I have spent the last 15 years as a professional consumer product adviser specifically for the Alternative Health Market. I also worked as a Naturopath and overall health coach for thousands of people across the country.  

In that time I found that diet and nutrition were essential elements along with the mindset to get healthier and reach one’s goals. I also exposed myself to thousands of various health type products from internal supplements to large $20,000 health equipment. 

I saw the power of how having the right kind of health equipment could really make a lasting impact on a person’s well being from young to old. I took my knowledge and opened a chain of clinics across the country that was like a gym membership program, but instead of having workout equipment, it was filled with the most effective (proven) health equipment around. Ionic footbaths, infrared mats, therapeutic lasers, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, whole body vibration machines and so on…

Over time I became a bit of an expert in several product categories of health equipment, especially whole body vibration machines. When I had a client that wanted to achieve a specific set of health goals I would guide them on the right equipment, brands, and program.  

Having tested out multiple brands in my facilities with thousands of clients, I learned the hard way which equipment really performed to expectations and which gave me unending buyer’s remorse and did not help the client. 

What I learned most about most health equipment

The hard truth to swallow is that in each product category and especially Whole Body Vibration, the market is flooded by cheap foreign manufactured re-brands. Up to 90% of the various brands a person can choose from are just copies of or re-brands..knock offs of the superior products, the 10% cream of the crop for the market. 

I made it my mission to spread the truth and try to reveal as much information as I could in these various industries so that the consumer would at least stand a chance of figuring out what the 10% best options were! 

Why the Whole Body Vibration Machine Market is the most Corrupt 

Yea I said it…”The Most”. It’s bad enough that 90% (the highest) of the product options are poor quality re-brands, but what’s worse is that the actual product specifications put out by the various companies and even manufacturers is falsified! In other words they are lying about what the product can do and it’s performance. 

Liken this to going to the car dealership and reading the features of the car on that sign stuck to the window and it says it gets 30mpg on the highway and has a top speed of 100mph. Then you drive it home and realize that really it really gets 15mpg and has a top speed of 45mph!! Could you imagine if there were dealerships in the auto industry doing this? It would raise a lot of controversy and things would change! There are specific governing bodies and organizations that would monitor the issue and fix it. 

The problem with the Whole Body Vibration industry and other health equipment markets is that they are far less monitored so these companies can get away with much more.

Stop talking to Sales People

One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they believe that they are going to be able to talk to a whole body vibration company’s sales people and get unbiased information from them. Wrong! Think about this logically for a second, for the people that you talk to it is there job to sell you their brand of machine.

How are you ever going to figure out if they really care about you and are telling you the truth? When was the last time you talked to a company as a potential buyer about anything and they told you oh you know you probably would not be best served with our product or service perhaps you should look elsewhere…maybe one of our competitors?

That is Fantasy Land. I’m being a little blunt here but understand it’s because I’m passionate about clearing up all of the greedy games that are rampant in this industry and that have nothing to do with really helping people with their health! Don't become another sucker.

These Sales people are also just that…Saaaales People…When you talk to them about your health goals and unique situation they will give you the same script and pitch they do every customer that calls them. Oh you have Parkinson’s? Try Model C. Oh you have a knee issue and are trying to build bone density in your upper body? Try Model C. Oh you have Neuropathy? Did we tell you about the great price on Model C?? It’s the same lines over and over personalized to you and your pocket book. 

Why you should talk to us

We all have a background in the health field with a combined experience of 40 years coaching and consulting. Much of that experience has incorporated use of Whole Body Vibration equipment and a variety of brands as well. We have seen the cases of an 80 year old with lower back issues or the cross training pro athlete seeking to stay in shape during off season through first hand coaching experience. We are not recently hired college graduates who are trying out an over the phone sales job selling vibration machines who have no business selling these machines with zero back ground in health and training individuals first hand. 

It’s not just sales people who are not truly helpful, even if you speak to the owners of many of these wbv companies, many times their story is they came from another non-health related industry and got into this one because it was lucrative and easy. Just import thousands of machines from China or wherever and slap their label on it and put together some customized marketing and sell them to the uninformed public. 

We don’t work for any one company, we have access to any whole body machine brand we want. Over the last 15 years I have built and now leverage on the consumer’s behalf my relationships directly with Manufacturers and Distributors. If someone is just after the cheapest machine they can get and are not overly concerned with quality or their health goals, then I have recommendations for that. If they want the best value machine they can get for the money they have saved up and also are seeking to get significant results with weight loss and detoxing then I have recommendations for that situation. 

Everybody has their own unique circumstances and goals. I treat everyone this way and that is why people really respect my time and my guidance and about 65% of my business is referral based.

How best to work with us
If you need personal 1 on 1 assistance then we should move forward with a consultation (there is no cost for this).  My only requirement is that you fill out and submit the Questionnaire at the bottom or back on the main page of the site. Please do not neglect to fill out the best time(s) to reach you as I am so busy that I simply do not have time to be playing phone tag with anyone who is really serious. The questionnaire will help you get your thoughts in order about what your exact needs and goals are and it will help me prepare for a most productive call.
Looking forward to assisting you in any way I can.
The people that you will talk to that answer the phones when I can't answer.
Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site

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Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site
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