​My review of the Hypervibe
The Hypervibe Performance is the most powerful vibration machine we offer. The new Hypervibe is more powerful than the shaft driven VivoVibe 460 which is about twice the price of the Hypervibe. The plate on the Hypervibe is 21.5 inches and has the most "pop" of all plates at the acceleration of each vibration. This machine does not slow down even with its maximum weight limit of 396. I have several other machines that will hold up to 400 pounds but when leaning back on my heals while holding weights to make myself 400 pounds, the entire machine bogged down and became very loud.

This Hypervibe at its lowest setting at 6 hertz still gives most of the G force at the instant of acceleration.

Note: On 17G Forces
The 17G forces the machine gives is for about .003 of a second. If the time was much longer it would feel like someone took a baseball bat at 35 miles per hour and hit you in the legs. The 17G force is an instant pop. If the machine had a heavier or longer plate it would take more momentum to push it and that 17G force would feel like the average machine. The plate is super lightweight and the power from the motor is transferred directly into the plate.

Because the power is so intense, the ramp up time is about 5 times as long as many of the other machines. The Vivovibe 460 is also like this. The slower ramp up time to 28 hertz is also why the belts rarely if ever need to be changed. Many people turn up their machines too quickly and with a heavy person on the plate it puts too much strain on the teeth on the rubber belt.

I promote the Hypervibe for high intensity training and bone density. If just buying the Hypervibe for lymphatic drainage, its overkill. This machine has screws (8 of them) just to hold the mat down from flapping off. Most machines have rubber mats only glued down. The newest Hypervibe now has a dampener that goes into the base of the machine to block out some of the sound at the higher speeds. Most machines just have the metal top rail screwed into the base. They do not have this dampener. This machine now has flex to it so that dampener gives it wiggle room. I don't like that metal grinding on metal sound.

The short plate that the Hypervibe has is actual an advantage to the machine. Most short plates have low amperage and have very little G force. The longer plates (27 inches) are great for people who want a more "push" feel as the plate uses momentum to keep it going. The G force is extended throughout the entire acceleration. (See my Spiral page)

Note: We only sell the current Hypervibe. There are older models that may be circulating around that do not have the screw in mats. All of the Hypervibe Machines we sell get drop shipped directly from the manufacture and all have a unique serial number on them. Also the new Hypervibes do not have a sticker logo like the originals and have the logo electrostatically applied.

The new Hypervibe also has the bumpy pad. Many machines have a smooth surface that makes your feet slip off the plate. The bumpy plate also gives a great food massage when standing on it with bare feet. 

Scam Watch: If you find a better price on the Hypervibe you may be buying the earlier generation models. Anyone is welcome to verify us as an authorized dealer for Hypervibe.
Hypervibe Performance Reviews
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New Upgrade motor 900 Watts
New 8 screws to secure mat on edges
New Ramp Up system to avoid over stretching the power belt with heavier people

Comes with instuctional DVD
Comes with two elastic bands
2 year warranty
Low EMF Motor
Sound dampening frame insert
6 to 28 hertz

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Note on Wattage:
The New Hypervibe has a 1.25HP motor and 900 watts output power. Many machines advertise 1000 watts and say their machine has 3 Horsepower.

746 watts is 1 Horsepower.
Many companies are making people believe their machines have 3HP. If this was the case, their vibration machines would be over 2100 Watts.  The Hypervibe is one of the few companies that gives its true output wattage and horsepower. 1.25 Horsepower doesn't seem like a lot until you stand on one. I have specials on this machine if you don't want the freebies I offer. Contact me if you are interested in trying the Hypervibe. 
See the Portable Hypervibe MINI Here.

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