My review of the ZAAZ 20K and ZAAZ 15K
The Zaaz 20K vibration machine is the most powerful light commercial models I've tested. The 20K model is a 4 AMP machine, every other machine I've tested besides the Hypervibe and Galileo have 1 to 3 amps. Most machines on the market have around 1.5 amps. The ZaaZ 20K is so powerful it won't bog down even with a 300 pound person on it. A 100 pound person and a 300 pound person did not change the speed of the plate.

I went to Sams one day and first saw these. I first looked at it and it looked almost identical to the Crazy Fit. I've been on the Crazy Fit and Confidence and I was like, they are selling some piece of junk. I got on it. Before I did that I kinda lifted it and felt it was half the weight of the Vmax Pulser that I use and way lighter than the Hypervibe. I was going to just get on it since the guy saw me looking at it. I went on it and could not believe the power. It felt as smooth as a shaft driven plate (VivoVibe 460). This is the moment I had to make a new review site. It has the more of the pop on the low settings that the Hypervibe gives on the high setting. This machine is a total 180 of the Hypervibe. The pop even at 5 hertz feels totally different than any other machine I've used. This is my favorite machine if lymphatic drainage is the number one reason I am using the machine. For people that will never go over 14 hertz, this machine goes to 16 hertz but with most of the G force at the acceleration of the plate. The Vmax Pulser is totally different as it has a more push movement. It is totally opposite the Zaaz 20K and Hypervibe in the way the G force is delivered.

The Zaaz is one of the most expensive vibration machines we sell. It is worth it to the people who have bad backs or any kinda of joint problem as this is the lowest ballistic impact machine I carry but having the highest G force at the lowest impact. Most machines on the lowest settings for lymph drainage have a push feel and do not have that pop at the acceleration that the Zaaz has. The impact at the acceleration is all at once instead of spread out through the entire acceleration. The Zaaz's 4 AMP motor and its tilt table are what causes this.

The G force is 5.2Gs at its highest speed. Many machines go up to 12 G forces and have a higher G force on the lower settings but not as concentrated. For doing lymph detox and for those that have bad backs, the lowest ballistic impact this machine gives will be appreciated. When standing on your heels and if going on the machine daily, this machine won't make your heels tender and sore so you can use it it twice a day without pain.

The tilt table and bearings on the Zaaz 20k are super quiet. There is no resonation noise at all on the Zaaz. The frame stays still so you don't get the white finger...

​The Zaaz whole body vibration machines can run in a clinic all day with its 4 amp motor. With many machines it has an overload protection that cuts off all the time and is annoying. The machine even with someone at 330 pounds the machine does not slow down in speed. Many machines claim way higher G forces but they go by unloaded plates. 

The Zaaz is FDA Cleared and they can't get away with using unloaded plate G force specs like those that are not FDA Cleared. This is why they only claim 5.2 G forces which is the top plate loaded G force with up to a 330 pound loaded plate. I've been on machines with 12 G forces and they don't feel nearly as powerful as the Zaaz.

The Zaaz moves much more teaspoons of lymph per session of all the machines I've tested. I recommend letting the body rest several hours between sessions even at 2 minute sessions to process the waste. More lymph flushing per session is NOT always better. The Zaaz machine is a Class 1 Medical device and moves way more lymph than any other machine, especially when the legs are warm.

​10,000 Steps on a Zaaz is not the same as 10,000 steps on any vibration machine. If standing near the tippy edge o the plate and I want to totally clear up the milky lymph in my lymph system, I do about 6000 vibrations a day. (There is a step counter which makes it easy). At 5 vibrations a second it takes about 33.3 minutes to get 10K steps. At 6 hertz, it takes about 27 minutes. The clearer your lymph fluid, the less you will need to do this a day as the toxins are pumped out of the body.

The body can process lymph the slower it is released when the body is toxic. For someone with lymphadema, it is almost always recommended to start slow.

Note: All ZAAZ machines are FDA listed Class I Medical Devices
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Zaaz Vibration Machine from Zaaz Studios

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Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site
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