Vibra-Trim Customer Service: The customer service with Vibratrim is that they will send a call tag and fix their machine and they pay the shipping. They answer their phones and rarely get back to people later than 4 hours. Gettiing service is quick and never hear bad feedback about issues not getting resolved.

Vibra-Trim Reliability: With the new VT500 with the 3 horsepower, 1000 watt motor, I don't see any problems with the machine breaking down anytime soon. Heavier people with the 1000 watt motor feel a difference in the acceleration from the older 500 watt motor. Both the VT400 and VT500 go at the same speed but the G force of the 1000 watt motor gives it way way more G force. I have not had a single VT400 break down since I have been selling them since 2010. The VT500 is the 3rd generation model. The 2nd generation VT400 is still good but just not as powerful. The VT400 is known for the higher amperage control panel that set it apart from all others. There are others that look like the VT400 but when people stood on them they quickly noticed the difference in power.

Construction: The VT500 with its heavier weight than the 2nd generation model VT400 feels much more grounded and stable although the VT400 is very stable. The VT400 shook a little bit more and although quiet, the VT500 is whisper quiet. The latest model is the portable VT202 +1 which now has 2 motors (spiral).

Noise: The noise is whisper quiet on the VT500, Quiet on the 400 model, and the 202 is quiet but at high speeds you can hear the machine itself vibrate. If a person is on the phone the VT500 isn't even heard.

​Size: The VT500 is bigger and takes up a bigger space. The larger foot print absorbs more sound and makes the machine more stable. This is not for the small apartments that need a compact machine. The VT400 is better for smaller apartments.

Plate Size: The VT500 has a true 27 inch plate while the VT400 has a 27 inch plate but the plastic skirt on the edges takes up a few inches where its not standing room. The plate on the VT500 is not curved on the edges so people can do wide leg squats and pushups with arms more apart. The VT500 has 11mm amplitude, not 10 like the VT400 which gives it much more G force on the edges.

For circulation, the G force of the spiral at the same time as the pivotal makes the circulation so much faster that you feel itchy. The VT500 and VT400 on the spiral model give a more itch feeling than any other model I have tested. I give it my best rating for circulation.

Bone Density: For bone density, the 500 model has more G force at the 11mm amplitude edges while the 10mm edges on the other models has less. The more G force the machine has the more its recommended for the bones. The Hypervibe that goes twice the speed or the VibePlate are primarily promoted for bone density. The spiral do a good job but just not dedicated only to bone density. People since 2010 have told me how the Vibratrim VT400 has helped their bone density issues. So, other manufactures say it has to go over 14 hertz will only do it but I have other feedback from my customers.

Lymphatic: The spiral model is the best for lymphatic. The 3HP motor in the VT500 and 1000 watts gives it enough power to help fully flush my lymphatic system. Each of their machines goes down to 5 hertz which with the 1000 watt motor has enough power without using momentum. The 11mm amplitude makes the VT500 the best model I have seen for lymphatic usage.

Solidness: The VT400 is grounded and the VT500 with its larger foot print on its base is super grounded. The machine won't move even on a hard wood floor around the room with no weight on it. The rail doesn't shake like most of the lighter weight rails do where I can't even see the LED display. Its made of steel also and very heavy.

​Vibra-Trim Frequency range: 
It goes up to 14 hertz and as low as 5 hertz for lymphatic drainage. The models that go to 20 to 28 hertz like the Hypervibe are better if someone wnats to do athletic training and bone density as more of a focus. To build strength it makes it somewhat hard to workout on the VT500 but nothing like the Vivovibe and Hypervibe over 20 hertz. For the average user, for someone trying to lose weight, move lymph, do moderate workouts, and some bone density.

Floor Vibration:
This can be placed on any floor of the house. The 180 lb vivovibe or a hypervibe, maybe not. Dishes tend to rattle and books slide off the shelves from some of the machines that go over 14 hertz so that is also a factor to consider. Neighbors often complain on machines that go over 14 hertz beneath ones apartment. The Vt500 has no problems on any floor, no stories of the machine falling through the ceiling. It is not just about how heavy the machine is but the G force created from the motor that pushes it back into the floor.

​Portability: All models with wheels can be moved around so each of their models are are portable. I wheel my VT500 from my room to the living room when my friends come over so they won't keep going in my room.

​Dual vibration: The spiral makes you itch. Unless the vibration on the pivotal is going over 20 vibrations per second, the spiral is needed for the extra boost for circulation. Many people sit on the vibratrim or lay on the ground that have swelling in their legs. The Vibra-trim can be set on pivotal alone, spiral alone, or both can be turned on at the same time. The PIvotal motion, with the heavier plate than the VT400 model and higher amplitude, 11mm), gives it a much better feel than the older model. The 1000 watt motor is strong enough to give people over 250 lbs enough G force to make them glad they didn't get just 500 watts. The 1000watt motor also costs more than the 500 watt versions of this machine. The newer 500 watt models now have more efficient motors so they are more powerful than the average 500 watt, low amperage motor.

​Usage: if putting it in a chiropractic place, and the machine is being run and you don't want it getting hot and shutting off, the 1000 watt motor comes in handy. A 500 watt motor can hold the same weight but with less Gforce as the weight gets close to the maximum weight capacity. Most of the models in gyms are commercial for a reason. The Hypervibe is great but not a commercial machine. The Vivovibe 460 is commercial and has a shaft driven motor. The VT500 is a light commercial machine. I recommend it for chiropractic clinics but not a gym where body builders are gonna be on it all day. The Vivovibe or Hypergravity or Vibraflex or Proellixe is more suitable. Many people get the 3800 dollar VivoVibe for their house. I do have demos all the time frequently as people buy the Hypervibe (28 hert) and VivoVibe (25 herts but shaft driven) and return the one they dont want. The Vivovibe is about 170 lbs and is quiet but the Hypervibe feels about the same but just doesn't have that commercial feel of the VivoVibe. Its hard to sell one over the other when someone hasn't compared both side by side. If you want to try a VivoVibe at a reduced price, let me know. 

Just like the VivoVibe, the VT500 is whisper quiet. it is built with high quality steal, and the machine actually does meet its weight capacity. Heavy people do not bog down the motor. The VT500 feels great and much more solid than the 400 model. We waited 2 years for this model to come out. They said the motor would be twice as strong, have a bigger plate without the larger plastic skirt where you can't stand on it. The higher amplitude gives it way more G force than the older plate. The control panel is much easier and quicker to use.

How to get it cheaper:
I do have people that have sent in their older VT400 models to upgrade to the 500 model. If anyone wants one of the older models at a reduced price let me know. The VT500 is more expensive and I have coupon codes to give to the manufacture. If someone is a health professional with a valid license or you are friend with your chiropractor and they would do you a favor and buy it (with your money) for you and have it shipped to the clinic and you just pick it up and put it in your car, this is another way to get Health Practitioners cost. I have demos that I also sell cheaper.

With or without warranty:
This is the biggest factor of all. People who get the 5 year warranty tend to abuse their machine more than those that have a 90 day warranty. Just for the record, nearly all machines come with a 90 day warranty. Even the VT500 comes with a 90 day warranty from the makers of the machine. It's the importer that puts on the 5 year warranty. Many companies are coming out now that are adding the 5 year warranty. This means nothing when they go out of business. I have been reviewing whole body vibration machines since 2008. There have been many companies offering 5 and 10 year warranties that only lasted 2 years then all the sudden the manufacturers website is down and they people end up with no warranty.

I will say that the cost to fix a machine is usually around 60 to 150 dollars. Usually, 99% of the time it is a problem a local electrician can fix and it just needs a wire or at the worst a motor that needs to be replaced which can be found from the same company that is in that machine unless its some no name brand, generic motor that can't be found, usually on the very cheap machines that break down anyway.

I would only buy a brand new machine without warranty if the company has been in business at least 5 years and has a good track record of not breaking. I have not had to service a Vibra-Trim for a single residential usage one time since 2008.
Vibra-Trim Reviews
3HP Vibra-Trim VT500


Beware of a dealer that sells on Ebay that starts with Bri..... Deals that is selling a knock off VT500 that does not have a 1000 watt motor nor is 3 horsepower.

They do not have a serial number on the back of the base of the machine and does not have the Vibra-Trim name on, just VT500. It is not the Vibra-trim name brand model. It is just a sticker that says VT500 that you can get at any printing shop.
The taller people usually prefer the 27 inch plates.
The more output HP, the more G force that is felt at the "pop" of the accelleration of the plate. Notice: many plates on teh market can go to 14 hertz a second but is the g force spread out through out the whole accelleration or just the inital pop as it rises. The cheap ones with low power have a more push type feel. 
The all new 3HP Vibratrim VT500 dual motion vibration machine is the latest in world class WBV equipment, with many advancements over previous Vibratrim models. It is a sophisticated vibration machine with new rotary speed dials, 58% more platform space versus the older version, and dual vibration mode that is upto 200% more efficient then single vibration machines! The VT500 is constructed using high gauge steel and the display is made of a dynamic digital tube with microcomputer intelligent controls with easily and quickly adjustable rotary speed knobs.
Book is included with every Vibra-Trim machine
Fake Vibratrim VT500.
Note the VT500 on the authentic does not have a sticker on it but it is printed on the frame. A razor blade has to scrape it off. The fakes don't say VIBRA TRIM anywhere on it. Notice the pole. They just call it the VT500 and has a totally different motor. The authentic model has a blue, 3HP motor and a serial number registered to Vibra-Trim LLC.

All our VT500s will ship directly from and any of our special offers below will be honored.
Beware, the older 500 watt, 300 watt spiral motor models look identical to the 1000 watt 3HP models.

We have only the 3HP models. The older 
models are no longer made.
The 400 model (has only 500 watts and only goes up to 14 hertz (new 500 models goes to 22 hertz, much faster). For those that don't need the most powerful one this is a very popular model. It has 10mm amplitude. The new model has 11mm amplitude and way more G force and lymphatic flushing power.
The VT202 +1 now has 2 motors and is the most powerful portable spiral model we have tested. 
The latest spirals vibration machines are whisper quiet and no longer have 500 watt pivotal motors and 300 watt spiral motors.

The plates are now larger and go up to 11 mm amplitude. The latest models are the Vibra-Trim VT500 and the Vmax Pulser which I compare in detail on this site.

There is a huge problem with both manufacturers trying to get me to push their product over the other brand. So, below, if figured out how to handle the problem.
Many people keep asking what is the spiral movement? When used by itself its a circular motion but when used in combonation with pivotal/oscillating motion, it becomes more of an elliptical motion. The spiral movement under the plate goes clockwise. (If you study the direction of spin of a healthy cell it spins to the right. This is probably the reason why most people feel better when getting a right spin back onto their cells. The spiral feeling is also very soothing.

The spiral motor also helps with the stabilizer muscles as when the spiral motion is moving at a different frequency than the pivotal, it forces the stabilizer muscles to react to keep our balance. The spiral motion is most popular for that that have circulation problems. This is what they say it was intended for. Before going on a lymphatic drainage session, using the spiral on a high setting creates the friction in the muscles to warm them up and move oxygenated blood flow to the cells. Once warm, this is when they say it's the best time to do a 10 minute lymphatic flush at the low settings.

The pivotal motion helps move the lymph fluid but the spiral helps with the circulation (vasodilation) and does not create the negative pressure in the one way lymphatic valves like standing at 11mm amplitude on a spiral machine.
I do not always recommend standing on this setting as 10mm amplitude is a much more comfortable stance for 99% of the people. Most people have to purposely stand with their feet all the way to the edge to get the true 11mm amplitude displacement.

The way many people can tell if they are benefiting from the right spin of the spiral motion is to check their body voltage before and after the session. Most people that are sickly and tired have a left spin on their blood. When the voltage of the body goes up, the spin spins more strongly to the right. Radio Shack sells volt meters for those that know how to use them. As you pinch the red wire and in the other hand the black wire, you want to measure the millivolt charge of the body. I also avoid machine with AC motors that produce EMF. I do everything in my power to keep the positive spin on my blood. If using a super high EMF blow dryer on your head, this is a quick way to measure the change in body voltage. Or just get an EMF tester to see how high the EMF is. If using a DC motor which not all vibration machines have, you don't have to worry about any of this.

Knee problems:
Many people have knee problems and can't stand on the machine. The only thing they can really stand on without pain is a spiral that the plate doesn't move them at all up or down or possibly a super low G force machine like the Zaaz Vibration which goes only up to 5.5 G forces on its highest level. Hypervibe goes to 17 G forces. The spirals can be too jarring so standing close to the center is usually what people with bad knees do.

Itchyness from standing or laying down and putting your legs on a spiral machine
The Forever fit 2 in1 still has the strongest spiral. 500 watts pushing a lighter plate. The newer Pulser and VT500 beat the Forever fit 2in1 on the pivotal with its longer plate but since the plate is so dense and heavy on the newer models, you sacrifice just a little bit of the power of the spiral motor. But, its whisper quiet compared to the Forever fit. It really just depends on what someone is using it for. If someone has circulation problems and cellulite they want to break up the blockages in, then the 10mm smaller plate is gonna  cause the itching that much quicker.

This itching comes from the blood vessels dilating and more circulation of blood and oxygen than the body can normally handle. It's kinda like sitting in a hot tub and you start to itch but it usually goes away in a few minutes afterwards. I need to say one thing. If you start to itch, it is the time to get off. Not stay on because you think its working.
We get demo spiral machines often. We always give the option of buying both machines and keeping the one you want. We will send a call tag and pay for the one you don't want to be returned.
Demo Vibra-Trim VT400 and 2-N-1 are in the picture.
Update: The new Vibra-Trim VT500
We have now tested the new Vibra-Trim Vt500. The motor is a 3 Horsepower. The torque of the 1000 watt 3HP motor is much more powerful and smoother than the 500 watt motor version. It runs much smoother than the first VT500 (there are still older models circulating. We do not sell the 500 watt versions anymore. These were only out for a few months before they came out with 3HP models. These were quickly phased out but probably enough that were sold in that 5 month period make them show up on Craigslist and Ebay now and there. 
Interview with the owner of VibraTrim (Don) in our 2012 Review.
Mention this interview and code VT400-2012 for a special discount on the VT400 or VT500 model through our site. Call us to get the promo discount.
This is our first review for the 1000 Watt, 3HP Vibratrim VT500. This is the same look as the Vmax Pulser that has 1100 watts but has only 2 Horsepower. They both have a different feel from the ones I have been on. Depending on the weight of the person one person will be happier with one over the other. But depending on the G force one wants and the lymphatic flush, one is stronger than the other but it really depends on one's weight. Horsepower VS wattage is the decision here.
AB-NORMAL: When the spin of our cells go anti-clockwise, where it shouldn't be. This is when most people are in a sick and an inflammation state and have lower energy

NORMAL: Having the healthy right spin on the body by having no blockages: "cellulite", inflammation, swelling, and less constrictions with poisoned lymph and toxic blood.

A spiral machine should help clean up the stagnant debris by breaking up the blockages.
Many people use the spiral vibration at the same time as their pivotal vibration because it feels good. The one way lymphatic valves need time to open and close. I do not recommend doing them both at the same time when trying to do lymphatic flushing. They are good at the same time but just not for lymphatic cleansing.
The new VT500 is much heavier than the older VT400. They no longer put this skirt around the edge that is now cracking on some people 4 years later. (This is what the warranty is for). The rail holding the control panel is fitted into the bottom differently. This makes it much more stable and keeps the resonance down.
This is same control panel for the Vibra-Trim VT500 and the Vmax Pulser. The speed can be ramped up in 2 seconds with the spin of the knob. (Beware, for heavier people I suggest turning it up before you get on so the belts don't strip. Hypervibe has a slow built in ramp up system so if you want to turn it up to 28 hertz, you have to wait a little bit so the belts don't strip. This is my only advice about the knobs. Also, the buttons don't get jammed as the spring is different behind the dials instead of buttons that are constantly being pushed like before. Broken buttons are not usually covered in a warranty so before some people had to pay for an entire new control panel.
The Foreverfit now has a 500 watt motor for it's spiral vibration. The plate is much lighter so you feel the power much more on the spiral motor. The newer Vmax Pulser and VT500 also have 500 watt motors but are pushing a heavier plate so you feel the Trio and the Vt400 older models much more. They only have 300 watt motors. But the 500 watt spiral motor in the Foreverfit 2 in 1 which also has a 1000 watt motor like the newer models, is way more powerful as its pushing a lighter plate. But its more noisy than the newer models and only has 10mm amplitude. The itchy feeling comes much more quickly on the lighter plates. The Vibeplate still beats all of them on how fast it takes me to start itching. Breaking open the blockages with the spiral can over oxidize so I always turn the machine off the second I start itching. For cellulite this is the most popular. See my Cellulite page. 
Deals on Spiral Vibration Machines
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Each of the spiral vibration machines have different specs and perform differently. If you need help deciding on which is the right type for you, take my Vibration Machine Quiz.

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