Vibration Machines for Bone Density:

1. Must have a pop (not push) feel from the plate.
The heavier the plate the more push it has the less the G force travels up the body. I promote these for lymphatic. Lighter plates can get away with less amplitude as the G force goes more "through the body" instead of pushing the body.

2. If shoes are needed to stand and lean back on the heels, then the power and amplitude is too high. I always test the machines without shoes at first. For building bone density, the highest G force is on the tippy edge of the plate. The Hypervibe, for example, goes at higher speeds so you can get the G force at lower amplitudes near the middle of the plate. With high amplitudes, the feet tend to slip off. Try to keep the feet at 7mm amplitude or lower especially when leaning back on the heals to absorb G force.

3. Always finish a bone density session followed by a lymphatic session to move the heavy metals out of the bones and replace them with minerals. There are a few brands I like at Whole Foods that are mild but easy to tolerate while the body is acidic. You can always graduate to the more bitter green juice powder brands.

4. The plate must give enough G force to stimulate Bone Growth. Enough G force must stimulate the muscles to contract to induce bone metabolism. With a Hypervibe or Vivovibe Shaft driven model, its powerful enough to put force on the bones all the way up the back while bending the knees more. Cheap machines when you bend your knees you don't feel hardly any G force at all move up the spine.

​5. Know your body voltage before trying to induce bone growth. Many people are below -25 millivolts which is an unhealthy state. People in degenerate condition are usually around -25 millivolts. I have volt meters I can loan people to test their body voltage. Radio Shack also sells volt meters for about 25 bucks. The better ones are more accurate.

6. Is your back stiff? Many people have stiff and ossified backs with mineral deposits. The problem must be fixed BEFORE starting vibration exercise for bone growth. Most adults don't require minerals as the root of the problem is not fixed first. Mineral build up from taking supplements will just redeposit these minerals and make the back more stiff than it already is. Ossifying our bones (ossification) has actually been proven to make our bones even more brittle.

7. Let me know if you have osteoporosis or osteopenia. Some people are de-mineralized and others have too many mineral deposits. And they recommend drinking more milk. Calcium. No thank you. Please tell me you know your pH!!

When choosing a vibration machine, one of the first things I want to know is if people can jump rope or jog without their back hurting. Before you call me please have a list of any mineral supplements you are taking also.

Time to use the vibration machine to see results:
No, your are not going to see any results in 30 days. It takes most people about 6 months to replace all of their bone cells with new cells. If getting the right minerals and nutrition, the vibration machine can help to build, otherwise its a waste of time if not doing it right.

Note: The brain actually is what mostly determines bone density.
​Note: If the body is acidic, the pH must be balanced first before trying to build bone density not matter how many minerals someone takes and how often they use the vibration machine. Bone thinning can still occur. It is called homeostasis. The body is pulling mineral from the bones so the organs don't acidify.

Usually people with bone density problems have back problems. Most people that have benefited from vibration machines have very low collagen levels. The connective tissue just doesn't have enough structural material so there is always pain. Minerals are constantly being leached from the bones to buffer all the high acidity from such a poor diet.
Vitamin D is probably going to be peoples best friend. Last thing you want is for calcium to be re-deposited back into your bones. Magnesium oil is also something I recommend.

Note: if the bones become too dense, they can break even easier. I would be careful with taking too many minerals, more than the body can handle. I recommend focusing on keeping the bones bendable, as well as becoming more dense.

For those with low bone density for who have fragile backs, the VibePlate is going to be my first choice and the Hypervibe at high speeds but standing very close to the center of the plate is my second choice. The Hypervibe is more versatile so if you want to follow the session with lymphatic exercise, you can't do it with the Vibeplate. I know most people can't afford both so ask me about my subsidized combo deals with the Vibeplate and Hypervibe. For those in dire situations and those that don't want to sacrifice the benefits of a linear Vibeplate but also want the strongest lymphatic flushing, you really need both. I promote the Hypervibe for bone density but for those that can't handle any jarring at all is when I recommend the Vibeplate.

Note: most people who have low bone density are usually not necessarily low in minerals but have heavy metals in their bones taking the place of organic minerals. The bones are not weakened by a lack of minerals but by this replacement process. Lead has been replaced by calcium. A machine that not only has enough G force to help build bones but can go low enough for lymphatic drainage to help get the metals out of the bones and joints can be the best way if doing a lymphatic session right before a bone density session.

Many people with osteoporosis have no idea about this. Also heavy metals in the body can be responsible for a low voltage in the body. Many people I've talked to who put "lighter metals" in the body like colloidal silver or even lighter medals like colloidal platinum. The strongest thing I know of that I've heard that pulls out heavy metals from the body is Adya Clarity. It was banned a few years ago but is now back on the market under a different label. I've personally known friends that have used it and they said it changed their life. The manufacture of Adya Clarity has sent us samples of the "new branded" label to give out. If anyone wants a free sample bottle call me. Ask for Alex.

Almost all the minerals in the body go into the hips and femur bones. These are the largest storage area for the body's mineral reserves. This is can be the first place or last place for the bones to get weak as it is the largest storage area where the minerals get robbed from. The people who have bad backs and bad knees are the ones who withdraw minerals from the hips the most to buffer the toxins in their body.

Most chiropractors buy the Vibeplate and Powervibe Zen Pro depending on if someone has good bone density they can handle the up and down motion of the Zen Pro but my most popular model for chiros who focus on bone density is the Vibeplate. The most popular among physical therapists since 2008 has been the pivotal type, mostly the Noblerex K1 back in the day until all the latest models came out. The Zaaz, which anyone can try at almost any Sams or Costco store, has dominated the market lately. If someone wants to try the Zaaz, just go to Costco. 

This will give you an idea of what the G force of a lighter plate feels like with that pop feel. There is also a Vibeplate in almost every major city now. I can find out if there is a chiro in your area who will let you try it for free. They might want to sign you up for treatment and try to get your insurance but just tell them you are only interested in the plate.
If you have any joint pain and are considering a vibration machine, read my Joint Pain page.

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Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site
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