What exactly does it mean to "detox"? 
There is so much confusion about this process. Let me explain how I understand detoxification through years of working with clients. 

The body engages a process called detoxification to transform or get rid of unwanted materials or toxins along with neutralizing them. This is actually an essential or primary function of the body’s processes where it is constantly working. So the body strives to optimize and improve the function of your body’s own detoxification systems. The way we can support this process is by first decreasing the amount of toxins we put into our bodies and at the same time supporting detoxification mechanisms throughout our elimination systems (lymphatic, liver, kidneys, digestive tract, skin, lungs) with the nutrients it needs to accomplish these goals. This way toxins can be metabolized and excreted that have been stored away for years along with any new toxins that come in from the environment. 

With the immune system less burdened by all these toxins it can better work on balancing out the whole body and optimizing longevity and preventing disease states. 

One of the very direct ways of stimulating detoxification throughout the eliminations systems and cells is by mechanical means, like whole body vibration equipment. Choosing the right machine to aid in detoxification depends on several factors about user as well as the performance capabilities of the machine.

1. Does the person have an current health conditions that could prevent specific types of workout routines with the equipment.
2. What is the current condition of the person’s immune system along with efficiency of elimination systems
3. How hydrated are they
4. Do they have an history with doing cleanses or detoxification practices?
5. Do they have any negative digestive conditions or symptoms?

1. What is the max frequency range of the plate and what frequency range will be used by the client on a weekly basis for facilitating detoxification?
2. What is the max G force(acceleration force) range of the machine and what GForce range will be used by the client on a weekly basis for facilitating detoxification?
3. What movements will be used on the plate? Dynamic exercises or static holds?

It is not surprised to find specific brands of whole body vibration machines to drain 2-4 times as much lymph fluid and wastes out of the cells. In fact I have spent a few years ranking various machines by their efficiency when it comes to supporting these body processes.  

For some clients we would never put them on a machine that is too efficient and powerful if they are not prepared to handle the resulting toxic flush that will occur. This can over stress the body’s already overtaxed organs and immune system processes. One of the common symptoms we would usually see was the person would get nauseous within a few minutes.

If you fall into the overweight category and are seeking to use a WBV machine for increasing fat shedding efficiency, then the program you will use on a machine will really depend on several factors about how you got to your current condition. I have seen two types of situations. One, a person has been over 20% body fat for over 10 years time and usually have a weak digestive tract, backed up lymphatic system, and weak fatty liver and so their bodies have accumulated a lot of toxins in their fat cells and total time standing on the machine’s plate must be extremely low for the first couple weeks. If the person is chronically dehydrated and their cells are very hydrophobic (resist water) and during warmer months they don’t usually break a sweat easily then this can be a major influence on detoxification effectiveness.

If they have any signs of metabolic disorder (or diabetes) and lots of inflammation then they are usually high risk for having a cardiovascular event. Flooding the body with opened fat cells (from the WBV) can sometimes be like adding gasoline to a fire. For these individuals I strongly recommend they take specific supplements to support the process (ideally) to maximize goals with minimum side effects. In fact I would provide them a free hour consultation with someone on my health team who can guide them on the step by step process.

I don’t mean to scare anyone away from WBV, it’s just that some people get so gung ho excited about WBV and don’t really take time to see where they are at health wise and get the proper coaching and guidelines to obtain the best healthiest outcome to their goals.

The second type of overweight person is someone who has been under 20% body fat index and does not have any signs of metabolic disorder or diabetes. They have a normal liver test and do not experience that much fatigue during the day. They have a pretty clean diet and have regular bowel movements. During the summer time it is pretty easy for them to break a sweat.

How does diet play a role?

What I forgot to mention is it’s also important to take a look at diet. Number 1 in fact. If a person is eating junk food or fast food or way too many grains, dairy, animal products, and not drinking enough non-tap water (along with drinking lots of soda, teas, and coffee) every week then this can be a factor in what kind of WBV exercise program is recommended and what brand of machine.

For all those thinking that they can use WBV to cheat and not modify or change their diet to a healthier lifestyle, then WBV can actually do more harm just further over stressing a person’s body. A person may still notice some weight loss for example but there will be other unseen consequences for that result.

What kind of WBV is needed?

A whole body vibration machine must have enough G force to drain the lymph and not too much force so you don't feel the need to end the session before 10,000 vibrations due to too high of a ballistic impact. You should be comfortable on the machine so you can get to longer workout time.

Note: please check with one of our health coaches before starting a detoxification plan. You don't want to stir up toxins in the body and not release them efficiently. This is when side effects and Herxheimer reactions can happen.

Just the right vibration plate will allow you to keep your knees slightly bent (never lock) and still get enough amplitude and G force at the lower frequencies to create negative pressure throughout the lymphatic system.

If you are really serious about results then I strongly recommend going in a sauna right after your WBV session so you can get some of the toxins out of the lungs and skin. Infrared saunas are ideal as they actually effect the elimination organs to increase their efficiency while reducing any inflammation or reactions that can negatively affect the immune system and slow down results. If anyone wants an infrared sauna, I will subsidize the price for anyone who buys a vibration machine from me. (HolisticSaunas.com). At one of the chains of wellness clinics I work with they have a room with their WBV machines lined up and in the next room they have these small but powerful portable sauna units about 15 lined up. These can actually be entered into fully clothed. (clothes must always be washed and never reused for another session after this)

Be aware that it usually takes about 10,000 steps per day to get significant enough acceleration force to induce flushing of the body. But just because a machine can provide 10,000 steps efficiently because of high frequency specs, this DOES NOT mean that there is enough G force provided or magnitude behind the plate at those speeds. In fact 95% of vibration machines I have verified and validated are low G force machines despite what some of these companies “claim” in their specifications.  
One higher G force option is the Zaaz 20K vibration machine has a step counter for people trying to monitor the amounts of vibrations they get per day. Tracking your workouts along with caloric intake and other results can really help optimize your success. Sometimes people get detoxification symptoms after just 4,000 vibrations/steps. So the counter can be a good way to monitor this.

If going at 5 hertz per second, it takes about 34 minutes to do 10,000 vibrations. If done slowly the flushing is more intense than going at higher speeds and trying to flush the lymph slower. Another tip with that particular machine is using the straps they provide to pull the body down towards the plate. This in effect makes the body heavier on the plate and with more Mass I can receive more G force pop. This is something that not everyone could do right away and is a great technique to work up to.

For detoxification, the protocols I have found that work best are fermented vitamins (they must be fermented) and a very aggressive probiotic along with metabolic enzyme and hydrating antioxidant product. If a person is not making green juices or eating a lot of organic produce then taking a high quality green Superfood juice powder can provide essential cellular nutrition.

Remember, when a sudden load of toxins are being released into the bloodstream from being on a vibration machine, some good things can happen and some bad things as well especially depending on your current health condition. If you are educated and not going into this blindly you should be ok. Talking to someone who has worked with vibration machines for detoxification and who can answer very personalized questions you may have will help so you do it right the first time and don't just do trial and error. 95% of WBV machines sold are by your regular sales agent who has no direct knowledge or experience when it comes to health or even with other brands of machine on the market.

See my lymphatic drainage page here.
Below are my top machines I recommend for detox.
Note: If lymph waste is pumped to fast and it is not processed by the liver, it can absorb back into the fatty tissues beneath the skin, going back into cellulite and making it worse. (If you have a white haze on the back of your tongue please let me know. Look in the mirror, all the way to the back of your tongue. I strongly recommend that some people do a liver cleanse and take a probiotic before even beginning to flush their lymph.

If the poisons coming out of the fat are not properly purified from the intestines, a healing crisis can happen. Please let me know of any health issues you may be having on my questionnaire.

Lymphatic fluid should be clear. For people who are very toxic and have protein rich trapped blood proteins, the color of the lymph in a stagnant lymphatic system is a cloudy milky color. If you have 34 minutes to either stand or lay on the floor and put your legs on the plate, 34 minutes is best. The slower the detox session the better. I start my day out every day with a 10 minute session standing on it the minute I wake up and then lay on the floor and drain my legs for 10 minutes. I do my 3rd session before I go to bed. The milky color is mostly from dead white blood cells that have been trapped for weeks or months at a time. Many people have swelling all over their body. This is the toxic lymph fluid that has built up. These were the old white blood cells that died when they helped fight any infections you had. When creating this negative pressure in the lymphatic system daily, swelling can dramatically decrease. The swelling should go down until its all gone. If doing 34 minutes of pumping the lymphatic system doesn't get rid of all the swelling, then usually something else is wrong. This is why I believe people should get 30 days to try out a vibration machine to make sure it works for them.

The unfortunate fact of living in today’s world is that inorganic metals are polluting our environments everywhere from the air we breathe to the food we eat. Dangerous heavy metals cause a lot of damage in the body. One of the most consequential is competing with the vital minerals in our bodies, for example the body would absorb Fluoride instead of Iodine. Absorbing inorganic minerals and that are in biologically significant PPM (parts per million), they can gravely interfere with enzymatic processes and other organ functions. One analogy might be filling up a car’s gas tank with crude oil..or shoveling in coal. I remember in the news many years back some neighborhood was having a problem with kids putting sugar in gas tanks.
Why are people so loaded with heavy metals today than years back? Well to not get into a huge description of all the various factors one thing we can focus on is Agriculture. The soil mineral quality in the U.S. is around 98% depleted in most places. Now with bad droughts in many places because of climate change precious top soil is also blowing away. What this means is that people eating fruit and vegetables are hardly getting any minerals into their bodies. Even the Organic food, while better, is still greatly depleted compared to 40+ years ago. So not only will the body be unable to work properly (minerals are essential for genes in the DNA to signal) but as the body is looking for minerals it will uptake something else in the environment that seems similar and that could end up being an inorganic heavy metal.
Arteries, joints, bones, and muscles are weakened by this replacement process. For example, lead competes with calcium in the body and will have negative effects on blood pressure (any many other processes), blood sugar balance, as well as weaken the bones, as well as contribute greatly to atherosclerosis and other cardiac events. In fact analyzing the percentage of Lead in the shin bones can predict with 90% accuracy what risk the person has of having a cardiac event within 10 years time! Additionally, heavy metals promote development of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. It is believed that nowadays that about 85% of people in America have some sort of Candida Yeast/Fungal issue. Heavy metals are not completely to blame for the latter, it is also high sugar consumption, antibiotic use along with in animal products, stress, GMO foods, and pesticides. The gut is having a war rage against it from many fronts.
Whole Body Vibration is a rapid way to literally shake up every cell in the body. Have you ever back in high school chemistry class experienced shaking up a liquid that had something in it that was higher density then the surrounding fluid. Or maybe you forgot about some concoction of something in the back of your refrigerator like the homemade salad dressing your wife made and you pretended to like. Then you shake it up and the elements move into such a colloidal dispersion that it becomes cloudy the particulate is so fine. Ideally a healthy body can also keep elements along with toxins and nutrients in suspension and so this can then be easily moved out of the intracellular fluid and into extracellular and vice versa and toxins end up into the lymphatic system. This is why hydration is so important and keeping a high zeta potential in the blood and fluids by getting enough redox potential antioxidant levels. I take a specific supplement that helps greatly with this and that ideally a person would take if they are doing whole body vibration.
So you can imagine all the crap that gets stirred up in a person’s body using these machines and makes a lot of new work for their lymphatic system, immune system, digestive tract, liver, kidneys, etc. So this is why when using the really powerful machines that can produce high Gforce (imagine shaking up that salad dressing but with a lot of force versus a little) can sometimes be too much for someone and they have take it slow. Also it is highly recommended to take a certain supplement regiment to support all the body’s organs and systems involved in moving all the years of built up residues and toxic gunk.
Whole body vibration is also putting each cell under a lot more gravitational stress. If you are on a machine that does 10Gs then your cells are put under 10 times your weight for brief milliseconds of time. This causes the cells to actually positively adapt to this right amount of stress and become stronger more resilient and improve their cellular processes which improves your overall health in every way over time. This process of a positive biological adaptability response is referred to as Hormesis effect. Google it!
So one of the most important supplements would be one that supplies the body with trace minerals and macro minerals because as all the heavy metals leave the tissues where the body is holding them (bones and fat especially) the body may reabsorb them if other healthy nutrient minerals are not present!
The Zaaz 20k has no offgassing. This is the one of two machines that I sell that has no petrochemical smell.
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