Sonic Life: 
The newest models are now digital. The older ones are analog and give off so much heat. The new models that start at $3995 are now even better than the older analog models that cost close to 18000 back in the day. This was just about 8 years ago.
The Sonic Life has the speaker under the plate unlike the Theravibe that has it in the rail. The newer sonic models are also lower EMF than the early generation sound coils.

The sonic models feel totally different than the mechanical vibration. If I had to say what it felt most similar to I would say the Vibeplate when the speed is on high on the sonic. Both those don't have the jackhammer effect which gives most people the watery eyes and headaches if leaning back on the heals to absorb the G force in the bones. Most people use those for bone density and for years many people didn't know to lean back on their heals and got barely any results. All the G force was absorbed in the leg muscles.
I have seen people selling new ones for under 4000. These are no where near the quality of the digiital models. They get hot and all the bugs are out of the new systems.
The older models had overheating issues. Don't be fooled by getting one at a discount. They are out of warranty even though they might be new as they were bought many years ago. They are sold as is.
These were phased out to digital and sold to liquidators. We do not sell used analog models or have anything to do with those models.
Latest Sonic models:
The new sonic models have the new feature of not someone not having to turn off the vibration machine before stepping off of it. The 2nd generation a while back automatically shut off when it sensed there was no weight on the plate once a person got off the plate so you didn't have to manually do it. They used to weight a lot. The newest models are only about 100 pounds and are very light and hollow inside. They now go down to 3 hertz an with its high amplitude, this gives the best flush out of all vibration machines. 5 hertz is what most machines like the pivotal machine give but the sonic gives me the best lymphatic flush of all machines. The slow hertz creates the strongest negative pressure in the lymph vessels (one way valves) and flushes many more teaspoons of lymph per minute than anything I have been on. Sessions are much shorter because more lymph is flushing per session. If the average machine can move 3 teaspoons of lymph per minute and a sonic moves about 5 teaspoons, the sessions can be 40% shorter. A 20 minute session on a pivotal at 5 hertz can take 12 minutes on a sonic. This is why I tell everyone not to do a 10 minute session the first time on it.
As the voice coil speaker gets faster, unlike mechanical machines, the amplitude gets lower the faster the speaker coil moves up and down. The motorized models have a fixed amplitude and is why some of the linear models have more jarring because the ballistic impact increases as the intensity of the plate speed goes up.

This is the latest residential sonic vibration machine.
The price is $3995 and it super powerful but just not for use in a clinic where there is high traffic. For those that want the smoothness of a speaker driven plate, this is the lowest priced model on the market. It is priced for residential use. The power is 40,000 Gauss just like the $5995 model and the professional $9995 model. All three models weigh 100 pounds each. It is the electronics and engineering that make one commercial and one residential. Nothing to do with the weight of the machine or power of the speaker.

The main sonic models on the market are the Theravibe, Turbosonic, and Sonic LIfe. The Theravibe is the most expensive at $18,000 and the yellow model above is the lowest price model $3995. Depending on your usage I can recommend one model over the other.
If you are interested in a sonic vibration machine and want to compare the differences between the different models give me a call. I have reviewed them all.
The yellow model that retails for $3995 is my most popular model. This model is powerful enough for most people depending on what the usage is for.
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Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site
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