Lymphatic drainage:

Buying a vibration machine for lymphatic drainage is the trickiest thing as every machine has a different ballistic impact and most of the machines simply move the body up and down which still moves some lymph but lacks the "pop" to create a negative pressure in the lymph vessels to really drain lymph.

Cloudy Lymph fluid
It is hard to move lymph when your lymph vessels are inflamed. Most vibration machines simply move the body up and down and there is too low of a "pop" that lets the body become weightless so the one way valves can open an close and move this fluid. The 2 machines that I have the best feedback on are the Zaaz 20K and the Hypervibe as they have the super lightweight plates with a tilt table that gives the plate more pop than any machines we tested. Without this pop it is hard to break past the blockages to allow the one way valves to open an close to flush out the waste.

​To get the optimal lymphatic flush per day, you need around 10,000 steps per day weather its walking up stairs, down the street, or at the grocery store. 10,000 steps allows the lymph valves to open and close to flush the entire lymph system. On a vibration machine it takes 34 mintues at 5 hertz. The more amplitude the more teaspoons of lymph that can flush. I would also be careful as many people can't handle large amounts of lymph drainage when first starting. A liver flush is the best thing I know of and an aggresive probiotic should speed up the process.

Notes from my interview:
To fully pump the lympahtic system and give the body and entire flush each day, you need about 10,000 steps weather that be on uneven ground, jumping up and down or any type of vibration that give us enough time for the valves in the lymph vessels to open and shut and create a negative pressure to flush. At 5 hertz a second is optimal and allows more fluid to flush per vibration. 6 hertz is also good as long as the amplitude is higher.

For people going at 14 hertz and thinking they can flush their lymph in 10 minutes. I have not heard of anyone just doing this 10 minutes a day and getting the results people do when actually standing 34 minutes a day on the plate at 5 hertz. Remember, the liver is only capable of processing so much lymph at one time. It is better to break up the sessions.

With a machine like the Zaaz 20K or Hypervibe, moving about 4 teaspoons of cloudy lymph fluid per minute 34 minute session (thats 136 teaspoons), it can be very hard on the liver. I strongly recommend an aggressive probiotic or even some Adya Clarity if this much lymph fluid is going to be processed at once.
I only recommend Adya Clarity in dire situations, and I mean that!
34 minutes a day is fine for most people as long as its not done when just starting and not doing recommended protocols. I mean seriously, if your lymph vessels are constricted either by cellulite or high pressure in the body, it's gonna be hard to move the cloudy lymph when the viscosity is so thick and then bringing out more toxins from the body. Depending on your body ecology, it can take several weeks to several months to thin out the lymph. Also, a dehydrated body will have a much harder time draining the lymph. 

My best advice is to use the vibration machine you choose for no more than 2 minutes a time when you get it. Many people go into a detox crisis and complain that they feel sick if they can't process their waste.

If the goal is to drain lymph and you are not going to be doing high acceleration training, the Zaaz 20K has the most pop of any machine that doesn't go to the high speeds. The Zaaz also has the highest G force with the lowest displacement we tested. When standing 34 minutes a day, many people want something more gentle.

There are 3 tiers of vibration machines I choose from when recommending one for lymphatic drainage.
​Tier 1 has a low G force and a low displacement (low powered machines)
Tier 2 has a low G force and a high displacement (Zaaz 20K)
Tier 3 has a High G force and low displacment (Hypervibe G17Pro)
Tier 4 has a High G force and a High displacement (Hypervibe Performance

If you are trying to compare machines for lymphatic drainage and need help choosing, contact me on my toll free number. See my detox page.
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