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The Vivo 460. This goes to 25 hertz and when side by side with the Hypervibe, it feels about the same but the shaft driven 460 is quieter and weigh about 70 lbs more. It also costs about 1200 dollars more. (the Hypervibe is more practical in that it has a bigger plate. The 460 model only has standing room as the plate is the same length but much shorter. A unique feature on the Vivo 460 is if you stand too close to one side on the 460 the shaft mechanism has an auto shut off. You have to stand equal distance apart and it will let you know if you aren't. If someone loses thier balance or just puts more weight on one side than the other, it will instantly slow down.

​The shaft driven (beltless) VivoVibe 460 is super quiet. It is heavy (180 pounds) and although it goes to 25 hertz (Hypervibe goes to 28 hertz, the G force is a little bit less on the Vivovibe as it has 10mm of displacement insteadd of 11mm.

The VivoVibe 460 is a true commercial machine. There is nothing light commercial about it. 
The Vivo 260 is their non shaft line. The Vivo 260 is a belt driven machine that goes to 17 hertz. The Vibratrim 400 that won many awards only went to 14 hertz. This is engineered to give smooth vibrations even at 17 hertz considering it only weighs 92 pounds. If someone asked me which machine this is most similar to I would say the Zaaz 15K. This is good for those that want a quiet machine that won't shake across the room when the plate is not loaded.
The Vivo 460 is the latest competitor to compete in the high acceleration vibration machines. Most of the shaft driven motors cost over 12,000 dollars and go around 30 hertz. Most people never use it at those speeds unless in super athletic condition. I can barely stand on the Vibraflex at 30 hertz. Its soooo much power its rediculous. The VivoVibe 460 tops off at 25 hertz which is usually the top speed I go at on a shaft model. It can go as low as 1 hertz while the belted (non shaft) models almost aways start out at 5 hertz. For people with severely bad backs and knees who want to do lymph drainage sessions, having it go lower than 5 is nice to have. A shaft driven model going at 1 hertz has much more G force on the low speed than a belt driven model.
These are some of the popular shaft driven models with the exception of the Hypervibe which somehow has a technology to compete with the shaft. People have tried to hotwire the motors of other machine to get it that powerful but so far no one has been successful.
The Vivo 660 is the most powerful vibration machine on the market (Goes up to 40 hertz. (The Vibraflex Sport ($30,000) also goes to 40 hertz. The Vivo 660 starts out at 1 hertz. It holds up to 450 pound. The cost is $13,500. I probably sell about 4 of these a year. These really only sell to bodybuilding gyms. I had one chiropractor buy one. With the models that give 15 G to 17 G, its recommended not to stand on them for more than 6 minutes. With the Vivo 660, I'm lucky if I can stand 2 minutes. My feet are numb. Its the most powerful thing I ever felt in my life. 40 hertz on the Galileo Sport goes to 20G forces. (Note that Hypervibe goes to 17Gs.
If you really want a machine that is the most powerful on the market and can pay $13,500. I will offer whatever freebies I have to offset the cost. It will be a lot of them. We are not allowed to discount the price but the freebie I throw in should make the price seem better. How about a free Jet Ski thrown in? How about I buy you 3 new Apple laptop computers. Get my point?
We often get demos of the older model, the IV400. The Vivo460 has replaced this model and is improved.

If you want the older model at a reduced price contact me.

Call me for availability of the older IV400 model.
If you are interested in a Vivo Vibe machine, contact me. I offer the best pricing and charge exact shipping. The 460 and 660 models ship on a pallet.

Update: I have a demo Vivo Vibe 460. I am selling it at a reduced price. Call me for an exact quote to your zip code.

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