The new Vibecage has handlebars that vibrate at the same frequency as the plate. Stretching while holding the bars is super intense.

A shout out to pet owners.
I have two dogs and when I first discovered this plate I got the 24x40. I used to train on it and my dogs would think it was a game and always be in the way getting on and off the plate. What happened though is that they started to like the feel of the vibration and once I was done with my routine they would climb on and just stand there or lay was pretty cute. So I left it running for a bit until they got off.

What is really interesting is that they seem to be able to tell when they have had enough and its usually right around the same period of time maybe 15 min or so, but it also depends on where I set the speed. They definitely don’t like anything higher than 20hz. Actually when I set it at its lowest they tend to fall asleep. I have used this trick for myself as well late at night if I feel too wired to go to bed I lay on the 24x70 I have and it works within 15 minutes I feel drowsy.

So I do know of several pet rehabilitation clinics and Vet clinics that use this machine for animals. The answer to many pet owners questions is yes the machine works the same way on a dog for instance as it would a human. Some of the most common health issues with dogs in older age is arthritis and joint issues and getting remedy for that is both difficult and expensive. WBV is more affordable and effective approach for those types of conditions than some of the other treatments they get and has been studied for some time. 

I recommend the steel version more if the main focus is on working out and high intensity training and the aluminum version if for bone density. The aluminum model resonates but the "pop" that it gives is much more intense. The steel is just as powerful but has a different feel to it.
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I recommend the Vibeplate for almost all health goals and its especially great with improving circulation and bone density or for those that want to get a very intense workout by doing dynamic exercises on the plate.

The plate doesn't actually move up and down with big displacement like a Pivotal (bulk majority of machines) as it is not on a spring suspension system. Vibeplate is much more similar to the motion in the industry known as Linear/Vertical. The first whole body vibration machines created couple decades ago were of this type of plate motion and back then many clinical studies were run with them. The motor is under the plate and sends pulses through the plate that travel through anyone standing on the plate. Some people cannot tolerate any ballistic impact or jarring to their backs that Pivotal moving plates can create which makes the Vibeplate a great option. 

Just as with all machines the results a person can get on a machine is very much related to how the equipment is used AKA your technique. There is no such thing as a machine that all a person does is sit, stand, or lay on it and it will provide all health benefits desired…maybe in the year 2035.

For example, when I have my clients lean back on their heels while standing on the Vibeplate and put it on the higher frequency setting like 50hz, the energy off the plate transfers through the body and bones and spine into the upper body more intensely. Actually that example isn’t really that accurate because most people can’t handle that intensity in that type of position for long, usually half that speed is good enough! So in general depending on what a person wants to work on healing or improving in what part of their body, there will be a specific technique or movement to achieve that goal. There are for example a fair amount of people using this for Parkinsons and other nervous system issues that might start in the brain.

Alternatively if a client bends their knees more and shifts their weight onto their toes or front of foot more, then most of the energy frequency off the plate will stay in the lower part of the legs.

One very unique feature of this plate of course is the multiple size options along with being very low to the ground and coming with multiple handle bar setups. In one of my videos you will see me demonstrate how putting a metal chair on a couple different size plates works. I mainly do this for people who have a challenge standing for any period of time and or might be rehabilitating. The plate being so low to the ground makes it easy to get on and off the plate. 

A quick look at most machines out there and notice the plates are significantly higher up. The Vibeplate being so low to the ground has allowed me to do almost any sort of dynamic exercise cross training routine on it. Just finding machines with options to not get any bars is a challenge. The 24x40 or x 72 size is the only equipment that I can actually bring on a full barbell and do squats and deadlifts on. There is another standalone bar free option out there but it doesn’t even come close to handling the weight limit that the Vibeplate can. In fact this machine handles over 2,000lb which is why they use it for horse rehabilitation as well.

A good deal of my customers in the past have been concerned about their cellulite. This is one of those conditions that is very tricky to get rid of. I have used ultrasound and laser in the past with good success but I have found that whole body vibration gives faster results and longer term. The Vibeplate in my experience of the years doing side by side tests with clients seems to be the most effective for helping this condition.

I have found the reason for this is twofold. One it can go up to very high hertz frequency that breaks through the blockages in the area so the blood and nutrients can travel there and release the toxins the fat is holding on to. People with cellulite start itching quicker on the Vibeplate than any other machine. This effect is due to those parts of the body being oxygenated rapidly. The exact same symptom also happens to people with poor circulation which generally is in the legs. Seems like a huge amount of people are dealing with circulation issues and tissue hypoxia (lack of oxygen) due to various disease states. With the Vibeplate being so low to the ground and large a person can literally just lay or sit with the part of the body that has cellulite directly on the plate.

There are two sets of options for the Vibeplate when it comes to construction of frame. One is with steel and the other aluminum. Since these plates are all pretty robust in their construction the steel frame depending on the size can get quite heavy and that is generally why if a person chooses a larger size option getting the aluminum one is ideal. 

People have asked me if there is a performance difference depending on the metal type and the answer is not really with the exception of if a person purchases the smallest size 24 x 24. I have noticed that the steel version of that one seems to translate the force of vibration through the plate into the body more. The aluminum because it is less dense seems to disperse more of the vibration outward into the plate and floor. All internal components are the same between both types, the only difference is the magnet in the aluminum plate is slightly smaller.
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