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Answer only questions that apply to you. We will take thirty minutes to go over your answers and consult with you. With your answers we can pinpoint with better accuracy a machine that fits you
good, better, and the best.

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What else should I know about you in order to give 
you the most accurate evaluation?
Are your reviewing a particular model or brand?
If yes, which one?
Do you know if you have a lymphatic condition?
Do have any swelling or fluid retention?
Are you trying to improve bone density?
Are you currently seeing a practitioner for help with detoxification?
Are you sensitive to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies)?
​ Do suffer from Fibromyalgia?
Do you live in an apt or need an extra quiet machine?
Do you suffer from back pain?
Do you have any joint replacements?
Do you want to work up a sweat when you are using your machine?
Do you have sensitive heels or other foot conditions?
Do you get headaches easily?
What is the heaviest weight for any user(s) that will be on the machine?
What is the height of the tallest user(s) of the machine?
Which health goal is most important if you had to choose just one reason?
What is the second most important goal? Choose from list above:
 If so where?
Are you going to be taking an aggressive probiotic during your detox?
Are you going to combine sweating with your vibration session?
You have a snack choice between a gourmet pizza and a green smoothie, which would you choose?
What price range do you want to stay within?
Which WBV theory agreed with you the most?
no, I don't have lymphatic issues
yes, I want to clear out my lymph
no, my bone density is fine
yes, I hope to improve my bone density
Bone density
Muscle tone/fitness
Cellulite Blockages
yes, I am seeing someone
Weight Loss
yes, very sensitive
yes, I have fibromyalgia
Blood Circulation
Yes, I don't want to wake the neighbors
yes, sometimes
yes, I can't even do jumping jacks
some back pain
Yes, I do have a joint replacement
yes I want to sweat
no, I don't want to sweat
Yes if I do lots of exercise
yes, and my feet are dry or cracked
no, they are not tender at all
no, they are very strong. I can handle high G force
yes, I get headaches easily
under 130
130 to 180
180 to 250
250 to 300
Under 5 foot
5 to 6 feet
over 6 feet
lymph drainage
pain relief
to get more flexible
yes, if it will help to process the lymph drainage better
I am not taking any
I'd like to know how aggressive these can get
yes. I would like to sweat out all the mobilized toxins
no but I will sweat in other ways
no, just the vibration session is all I have time for
green smoothie
gourmet pizza
under $1000 Budget brands, plastic models, high EMF (Crazy Fit, Confidence, DZT)
$1,000 to $2,000, Residential Quality, Family Use (VT400, Vivo 260, Trio, Nitrofit,)
I would love to get a demo or slightly used model for a greatly reduced price
$2,500 to $6,000 Commercial (Hypervibe G17, Sonic Life, Hypergravity, Vivo 460)
Over $6,000, Sonic Models and Heavy Duty Commercial (Turbo Sonic, Galileo, Vibro Gym, Theravibe)
not sure
I will purchase if I get approved for financing
I am a health professional, I would like to buy for resale
I would love to get a demo or slightly used model for a greatly reduced price
I still need help researching these machines. Just heard about them
I will buy right away if I get a good price