Fitness 9
Detoxification 10
Bone Density 10
Lymph Drainage 10
Overall Score 99

The Hypervibe G10 Portable
The Hypervibe G10 Mini is now available

This is the 2nd most powerful machine we carry.

Goes to 20 Hertz with super high G force.
Goes to 12mm Amplitude
(240mm of total displacement per second)
The Hypervibe G10 Mini vibration machine review:

Hypervibe G10

When this machine came out recently I had been waiting for it for a couple years so needless to say I was excited to bring it in the clinic and test it out on anyone I could. Normally I wouldn’t be excited about a company that comes out with a portable because almost all portables with no handle bars are terrible machines. Truly the only time I recommend a portable to a person usually is when they say they just want something but can’t spend over $300. So what they get is a repackaged foot massager. They might produce .5-1G force and can’t handle a lot of weight and get fried from cheap components within 3-12 months. 

I was excited about the G10 because I knew the Hypervibe company was the real deal and their original model was one of the best machines created for its price point…and in truth was one the best engineered machines created. They share this status with just a couple other commercial machines that are $10-$15,000+. I’ve never purchased those real expensive machines but I have tested them out and used them many times and some of that can be seen in my videos reviewing them. 

Hypervibe after so many years actually has come out with two models, one is their commercial grade unit with handle bars and the whole nine yards called the G17 and this more portable compact model called the G10 mini. I think it was a smart move for this company to make a portable without a bar system. The design does have its advantages for the individual who wants to do dynamic exercises and more versatile movements with their machine. There are literally close to 100 different exercises possible with this thing guided by the 40 different programs on the device. There are many types of movements that simply are not possible when handle bars are in the way on other machines. But as a side note if a person look at the company’s G17 model a person will note that they modeled it after the Gallileo ($15grand machine) by keeping the tower handle bars completely out of the way as much as possible from the plate. The other advantage of this G10 mini is of course it’s easy to store away, move room to room, or throw in the back of one’s car…just don’t throw it I didn’t mean that literally!

A lot of people are interested in this model but ask about not have the bars and if that is really needed and I can say that over the last 10 years working with many people I have found that 90% of people don’t need handle bars. While they might hold onto them just because they are there, when I guide people to let go of them most people can easily stay on the plate.
And for those people that have more balance issues they simply stand with not as wide a stance as the wider the stance the more magnitude of force as well as more displacement the body has to balance and react to. Once they are acclimated and their body and nervous system as adjusted over a few sessions they slowly widen their stance more and more. If done methodically almost anyone can learn to stand on a plate without need for handle bars. I would take it one step further and say that it’s more ideal to stand on a place without holding onto something if one’s goal is to activate more of the nervous system and muscles. Anytime we challenge our bodies even just a little bit with balance we will get better results. This is why people enjoy using straps or bands on these kinds of plates versus handle bars. Pulling on the straps or bands also has the added benefit of working the upper body muscles more as well as the ability for a person to pull their weight down on the machine mimicking as if they weighed more. More Mass on the plate will give stronger acceleration forces through the body and lead to better results.

So let’s talk about specifications for a second. I just look at two specs nowadays then I personally test the machines. That provides me enough info to know the quality of the equipment. Even though after all these years I have developed the ability to tell if a machine is truly reaching the speed settings it is claiming along with Gforce, I still request proof from the manufacturer or get a third party engineering firm to double check. While we are on the subject 95% of the “re-branded” machines out there are lying about some part of their specifications. Sorry if this shocks people but they need to know the truth.
The G10 might say its “Mini” but it actually provides more power performance with both speed and Gforce than 95% of the other models on the market. A true 9.7 G’s and true 20hZ that may not sound like as much as what some of these other companies claim out there, but standing on a plate at 20hZ and 9.7G’s is not that enjoyable for most people until they have worked up to it after a couple weeks. Meanwhile I can put any of my clients on most other machines out there at their maximum settings and they are not nearly as challenged.  

I have seen very popular brands of machine claim they are 9-15gs and realistically they are putting out 1-4Gs and they claim sometimes ridiculous speed settings and 95% of them put out 9-15hz. If a person has never used a machine by the way 15hz versus 20hz might not sound like a big difference but when a person have some real acceleration power behind it, 5hZ is something that can take weeks or months for some people to work up through.  

Since this is the newest machine on the block they also greatly updated the whole control systems so they reflect more current technology. Most machines are using old school control panels and functions. I initially thought the whole Bluetooth app thing was kind of silly with this device but that is because I have been doing WBV for years and know my routines and how to challenge myself. But the truth is that one of the main challenges for most people in achieving the results they want with vibration machines is that they don’t have any professional guidance.
While Hypervibe is one of the few companies that provides better company support, no one wants to be phoning up the company all the time and besides having visual guidance is really the most helpful way in using a machine especially if someone is totally new to this type of equipment. The App (can be used on Tablet, Phones, AirPlat, Chromecast, broadcasted to TV), is like having your own personal trainer to follow. At least 50% of results achieved or more with WBV is related to technique used, so this is really important…it’s not just one of those gimmicky features that initially I thought it was. People at my clinics used to get great results and a lot of that had to do with them getting hands on direction. 

I would love all machines if the companies selling them priced them accordingly based on their truth worth. If Hypervibe priced this model of machine based on its worth compared to where other companies were making their price points then you would be looking at a $10,000 machine and I would still say, compared to other options out there, that $10,000 is a reasonable price. But the truth is that most companies are being far from reasonable and just downright greedy overinflating their prices. This G10 is 1/6th that price. They have really priced it right in the range of where other brands are that I refer to in my reviews as Tier 3 class which is the bottom of the pyramid when it comes to ranking (poor). 

· Intuitive control panel with 30s, 60s, 90s exercise time
· Click wheel remote control with corresponding colored exercise time options
· Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth indicator on control panel
· iOS and Android app allowing control of machine and with 40 exercise programs featuring more than 100 exercise videos, designed by US WBV expert, Gabriel Ettenson MSPT.
· Upper body resistance bands

Size (mm): 655 (w) x 395 (d) x 150 (h)
Weight (Kg): 24.4
Max User Weight (Kg): 140
Platform Size (mm): 655 (w) x 395 (d)
Maximum G-force: 9.7g
Frequency range: 5 - 20Hz
Platform movement: pivotal
Amplitude: 12mm (peak to peak)

Complete User Guide
Support Site Acces
Added Upper Body Strap
2-year on-site warranty

If you are interested in trying out this machine for 30 days to see if you like it give me a call at 1-866-945-9072. I offer a 30 day trial period to make sure you like it or you can return it if you don't

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