This looks just like the rest of the spiral models but Vibacore has the high amperage control panel board and jumbo size washers which makes it whisper quiet. This has been on of my best selling spiral machines.

New VIBACORE 3000 weighs 210 lbs.
New VIBACORE 5000 weighs 307 lbs. This is the strongest Triplanar vibration machine I have been on. This is a commercial grade model and hold up to 500 pounds while not bogging down

The Vibacore 1000 weighs about 140 pounds now. Most weight about 123 pounds. They have the latest generation motor in the 1000 model.

All the Vibacore models ship from New York and California. Their flagship models, the 3000 and 5000 model Triplanar vibration machines, are what they are known for. These weight 
 am giving a 30 day 100% money back on the price of the machine. If you are debating between the 3000 and 5000 model or you want to know the difference between tri-motion and tri-planer, contact me. These ship out of California and if you are local you will save money by not having to ship a 300 pound machine.

The Vibacore 3000 weighs over 300 pounds so if you are close by, picking it up can save a lot of shipping costs.

Note: The Vibacore 3000/5000 models are not tri motion but triplanar. Please make sure you know the difference before you buy. Both are very different motions.
Triplanars are known for building core muscle strength and muscles tone. Tri motions go at the lower speeds, 5 hertz, for lymphatic drainage. (Vibacore 1000 model).
The 3000 and 5000 models are heavy but the 5000 model's heavy frame dampens the sound which is better for clinics.
The Vibacore 3000 and 5000 both start at 20 hertz. The 3000 is much smaller than the 5000 model. The power is in the top 1% of all vibration machines. The only one that is stronger than the 5000 model that I have been on is the Theravibe. That goes to 80 hertz. Try doing a squat on the Theravibe. Its almost imposible to do 10 squats on top speed and top amplitude.

​The Vibacore 3000 plate size is 29.5 inches and the Vibacore 5000 has a 39.4 inch platform, 10 inches longer than the sonic Theravibe. Most spiral machines have a 22 to 24 inch plate. 39 inches give much more space for doing squats.

Due to its size and weight, the Vibacore 5000 ships on a wooden pallet. UPS does not deliver the 5000 model.

If you are considering a triplanar type whole body vibration machine and want to compare or need help choosing, make contact.

Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site

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Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site
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