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Pivotal Vibration Machines

There are 2 types of pivotal types. The two to choose from are the high displacement and the low displacement pivotal machines. The most powerful pivotal is the Hypervibe which has the least G force and the Zaaz 20K, the opposite extreme, having the lowest G force. The Zaaz, although having a low G force, concentrates the G force right at the instant of acceleration.

Note: in order to get the highest drainage of lymph fluid, the more the G force is concentrated at the "pop" of the vibration, that instant right after the plate decelerates. The tilt table in a machine that concentrates this G force must have the right bearings and high enough amperage or you get more of a "push" feel from the plate. 

A machine with pop feels like you are walking on uneven ground, that impact you would get. A machine with more of the push feel is like running on Nike Airs where the G force is dampened. The more pop the plate gives the higher the negative pressure (hydraulic pump in the lymph vessels. 

Some pivotal machines have 11mm amplitude and have the most push feel. The Zaaz has the most pop feel with the least ballistic impact and the Hypervibe has the most G force also with the least ballistic impact. I bring up these as they are the most extreme in differences. The new Hypervibe machine with 7mm amplitude (see the Hypervibe G17 Pro page)

​Note: A heavier vibration plate puts applies more G force than vibration plate that is lighter. If there is not enough "pop" there will not be enough force to flush the one way valves in the lymphatic vessels. If a person has a milky lymph (high viscosity), more G force can be needed to open and close these valves. 

If there is not enough mili-seconds in between vibrations, the milking motion is not created to circulate lymph though out the body and the valves are just "vibrating" and not "pumping". 5 hertz is optimal for lymphatic drainage. After 6 hertz, the time between opening and closing is not long enough this is when the session starts to become a circulation session. The Zaaz and Hypervibe are my two favorite machines for lymphatic drainage. 

​Note: many pivotal models bog down when people lean back on their heels. If I set it at 5 hertz and its going at 4 hertz instead, this is not consistent. The Zaaz and Hypervibe when set at whatever level you set it at doesn't slow down if within the maximum weight limit. The amplitude also decreases on many of these machines with cheap tilt tables that pivot the plate.

If you need help choosing a pivotal type or spiral/pivotal type, take my vibration questionnaire.

These are two of my top machines I've reviewed. About 50% of the people comparing these two machines choose the Hypervibe and the other half choose the Zaaz 20K. Out of all the machines I have compared, these two machines have the highest pop and do not bog down when standing on heels even with 300 pound people. I will continue to promote these two brands until something better comes along. If anyone really wants to try both of these, ask me about my testing offer. I will let ship you both machines and you can return one of them free of charge. Sometimes it is hard for people to make a decision between the two. Getting a machine from either extreme is hard to do without trying them. You can always try the Zaaz at almost any Costco or Sams club.

Contact me if you want to try each or both of these machines for 30 days. We absolutely do not mind if you buy both and return the one you don't want to keep. We will pay the shipping back on the machine you return as long as you keep the one you like. Again, if you want to try the Zaaz, check on the manufacturer's site to find the Costco or Sams nearest you.

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Consumer notice: I do not call any companies liars about their frequency specs. I will say that when a company says their machine goes to 28 hertz (there is one company that thats says their machine goes to 28 hertz when they are measuring both left and right vibrations as two separate hertz when it's really a 14 hertz machine)

The other thing that can be misleading is when a company says their machine goes to whatever hertz but when the plate is loaded (not bare motor speed), the plate slows down. So technically, they are not lying. But it is misleading.

I will not promote companies selling machines with specs that are in any way misleading. You can't mislead someone who knows how to test these machines.
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