Most of these vibration companies I investigated said there are many high quality vibration machines on the market... but "our machine is just as good". So, what is this? They are number two? So they are all number two. Wait a freakin minute. Am I some unsophisticicated consumer that can't see through this sham?

​Another red flag...... At least 3 of these companies I talked to say they have the best and they use some proprietary technology and exclusive. Once I found the truth.. it's like YOU JUST LIED TO ME!!! When I asked how theirs compared to the original Galileo they each said theirs is now the second best but just as good. Go figure. All three groups told me their machine is more "cost friendly" than the Galileo and why should I pay more to get something that has similar quality.

​Most, if not all whole body vibration machines are produced over seas and if built in the USA or Canada, usually the parts still come from China. Hypergravity and Vibeplate are 2 companies that build in the USA. Hypergravity makes their own motors and all components in the USA. I know this because I went down there. It is so difficult to get to the source. But as we dig deeper and do more research it's easy to discover who the players are and the nayers. I always tell people when in doubt to check it out. I don't judge any company until I know the facts. My goals is to provide the facts I discover so my customers can make educated purchases.


NOTE: Most WBV machines on the market today are merely re-branding versions of the same mass-produced models that are manufactured in one of three factories in China. The companies selling and distributing them generally have no connection to the design, engineering, or manufacturing process and thus little to no control over the actual quality of their product. The quality of a WBV machine can be determined by distinct attributes:
The materials used 
Type and strength of the motor
The shape and smoothness of the oscillating motion
Engineer and Programing

Many machines are manufactured using adhesives and chemicals that emit noxious fumes and metals that are not strong enough to endure the movement and weight load of consistent use. Even the qualities of the nuts and bolts that are used make a big difference when dealing with the physical dynamics of a WBV machine. We know which machines feature top quality materials to maximize durability, longevity, and enjoyment.

The AC motors commonly used in most WBV machines consume much more energy than DC to create the same output potential, but do so in a very unstable manner. Most DC motors are much more efficient, consume less power, and provide a more consistent, smoother power output. This is evident in how much quieter certain vibration machines are when they are operating than most other WBV machines, even at the highest speeds. 

Oscillating Motion types
The shape of the oscillating motion of the plate determines how smooth the movement of the machine feels when one is standing on it. A superior engineered vibration machine is shown by the smoothness of the way the plate moves especially with heavier weight on the machine. The smoother the plate movement the more comfortable and enjoyable it is to stand on it.
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Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site
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