Questions to ask before buying a vibration machine:

Beware, most questions you ask are planted by the salesperson. If you get a sales pitch first and then you have questions, there is a good chance they are planted.

If they start talking about all these benefits that apply to every situation but yours, they are probably giving the generic pitch they learned when becoming a sales assistant. Have a list of questions before you call.

If you ask about free shipping, and if they say they give free shipping then ask who pays the shipping to and from if you need to return it. So, the shipping to you is not free after all. ONLY IF YOU KEEP THEIR INFLATED PRICED MACHINE YOU GET THE FREE SHIPPING.

Like, "would you like to have your back pain relieved? How about having more energy during the day?"

Never tell them your medical issues unless they are qualified. These are not doctors or health practitioners. They are sales people reading a script (well most of the people I called were. I sure didn't get a doctor or a health practitioner pick up on the other end).

We have health practitioners on call so if we don't know an answer we have immediate access during business hours.

Never tell them your budget. If you tell them you can afford a 10,000 machine. You will probably never get a discount and you will pay retail price. So, by telling them your budget sets you up for failure. Can't they just help you pick out a machine based on your needs. If you can't afford it then you just can't. Hey, I want a car that goes 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. Ok, they said I need a Ferrari. Oh, you can't afford it. At least they told me what I needed. They didn't try to sell me a BMW that almost goes close enough.
I'm tired of people asking me my budget. When I go to a restaurant. I want a side salad instead. I don't need them to tell me there is a 2 dollar upcharge. 

Also never tell them about your diet. This gives them a chance to start giving you nutritional advice so you will like them and buy from them.

​When buying a vibration machine, to be in control, ask them which machine is better, Machine A or Machine B for my needs. Ask them what the differences are. If they have to look it up on the internet and don't already know, thats a red flag. Anytime someone has to look up something that they should probably already know, CLICK!

NEVER ASK WHAT THE PRICE IS ON A VIBRATION MACHINE - Say what you are willing to pay.
If you look on my site, there is a reason on certain machines I throw in freebies rather than offer a lower price or even "hint" at that I can offer a discount.

For most machines that are not in places like Costco or Sams, I have full control over pricing. Don't expect a crazy low price on a Zaaz or a Hypervibe. It's never gonna happen.

We can try to find a way to get you the machine at the price you want to pay. If we have to call and get a demonstration model or a scratch and dent. There are always possibilities. If you want a machine and you know you are not willing or cannot afford to pay the manufacturer's retail price, contact me by phone and I will see what I can do to help you out.

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Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site
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