Canada residents - Getting a Vibration Machine cheaper through Canada

We have helped many customers over the years in Canada and have secured several relationships with distributors and resellers and manufacturers in Canada only. It is usually challenging to find a whole body vibration company that does not have to run the products through US delivery and import channels first..when that has to be done it is YOU the customer that gets hit with a high tax and shipping charge and have to deal with sometimes long delays in delivery time. 

If you have a specific machine in mind that you want and you live in Canada and want us to check with our contacts we can see if can get it sent to you from within Canadian territories simply give us a call or email us through our contact page.

What we have discovered through our Canadian importers and channels is that some of the same machines that are quite popular in the USA can actually be purchased for far less through Canada. For this very reason many times our customers in the USA end up order a specific machine through a Canadian company and even with additional taxes and shipping it is a better deal. If you live in the USA and are interested in a machine and want to see if oyster can get that same machine through a Canadian importer for less please call us.

The most popular machines we can get are the Foreverfit machines, Hypervibe, and Vmax Fitness machines, CV9, and T Zone.

We can also get others but these are the main companies in Canada. If there is another brand besides these three brands let me know below.
If you need a price on any machine that is stocked in Canada (usually Ontario) or British Columbia, call us or fill out the form below.

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