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Table of Contents:
 - Know which machines help with bone density
 - Know 4 things to do to get dealer price
 - Know the top 3 machines that help people lose weight
 - Know the Wattage and Horsepower You Need
 - Know the right Price to Pay
 - Learn the differences between look alike brands
 - Learn how to choose the right machine
 - Learn how to become a dealer and get wholesale
 - Learn how to sell whole body vibration machines
 - Find out how to try a machine before you buy
 - Find out how to get paid by showing others your      
 - Find out how to use a vibration machine with Lymes
 ​- Find out which machines are subsidizes by the Military
 - Know how to get the name brand machines but without   
   warranties for a fraction of the price
- Know what to avoid if you have a bad back or bad knees
- Know which machines to avoid if using mainly for detox
- Know which machine to buy based on your weight
- Know when to buy a shaft versus a belt driven machine
- Know what forms you need to legally buy at wholesale
- Know which types of health professionals are entitled to   wholesale prices
- Know which states that local pick up is available to avoid   paying for shipping
The internet is full of fake vibration machine review sites that are unregulated and claim to be impartial when only they are pushing one single brand, their own or those that pay the highest commissions. These are so common now its almost impossible to find a real review. This site will hep you detect deceptive marketing.
Warning: Most complained problems with Vibration Machines
1. Static (Get certain model and I touch someone and I shock them and every door I touch.
2. Replacing Belts (I get Gates belts. The cheap ones that come with them I replace if weights over 200 pounds.
3. Noisy bearings under tilt mechanism (some machines get very loud with a few months
4. Vibration of the floor (heavier machines absorb more sound so the dishes don't rattle and break
5. Overheat switch turns off machine (if the motor burns out due to overusage (more than 10 minutes) they won't replace the motor or electronics.
Buying the right machine for your weight and heal stance can avoid these problems. Most machines fail for those trying to detox due to heal stance.

See my Vibration Machine Complaints page for my complete list of complaints.
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New Updates to The buyers guide

-RPM, Horsepower, and those specs versus GForce and how that is more important. 
-Unloaded vs loaded test scams
-Technique used on the machine versus poor form (importance of getting training and support)
-Real servicing repair scams - They are making people return the whole machine
-Off gassing
-Validating the hZ with a tachometer laser
-Fake specifications
-Fake G force and speed done unloaded tests
-Off balanced machines. Factory Rejects
-Flooded markets with Re-brands versus unique proprietary engineering and better grade components custom manufactured (Hypervibe, Zaaz, VibePlate, Hypergravity)

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I have found that the easiest way to conceptualize this confusing industry is by breaking it down into a tiered rating system for each model and brand. 

About 70% of customers end up purchasing a whole body vibration machine from Tier 2 level. The rest choose a Tier 1.  Tier 2 is composed of companies that are using very confusing marketing for their brands. The reason is because 90% of those brands in this tier are actually “Re-brands” coming out of the same 4 manufacturers in China.  So these brands are almost identical to one another and companies just makes up claims and marketing hype to appear better than their competition.  The sad thing is that many of the machines in Tier 2 are actually priced the same if not more than some of the machines in Tier 1.  

For this reason I have divided up Tier 2 into two sublevels, A and B. The lower the tier level the more drawbacks it has versus benefits. So Tier 2B would have maybe a limited warranty as just one rating aspect (multiple) versus a Brand from Tier 2A.

Rating System is based off the following:

Warranty, Off gassing, Ballistic Impact, Construction of Handlebars/Versatility, Noise, Vibration transfer into frame, Automatic Overheat shut off, Gforce range, Frequency range, Displacement, Grade of Components, Manufacturing Specs, Third Party Engineering reports, Return policy, Servicing, Longevity, Program Options and Training Support.

If you need more specific review information on each brand and how it rates on each of these categories please ask. 

Tier 1:
Hypervibe, Zaaz, Nitro Fit, VibroGym

Tier 2:
A --VibePlate, Vivo Vibe, VMAX Pulser, Powervibe, Turbo Sonic
B --Vibacore, Cardio Tec, Hypergravity, HealthMark

Tier 3:
A --DZT, Forever Fit, Euro
B -- Crazy Fit, Confidence, Soozier

I am of course happy to consult with you by phone, email, or text to help find the best brand and model for your unique set of needs. 

Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site

Ask for Sharon
Welcome to my Whole Body Vibration Site
Ask for Sharon